Clients, 2013 to Today

Alterity LLC
Baltimore Heritage, Inc. 
Baltimore National Heritage Area
Baltimore Museum of Industry
Baltimore Streetcar Museum
Carroll Museums                
Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland
Jewish Museum of Maryland
Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital
Mission Plus Strategy Consulting
Southern Jewish Historical Society              

Featured Client: Baltimore Streetcar Museum

As curatorial consultant, I created an Exhibition Content Document that will guide the museum as it overhauls all of its exhibition spaces in the coming years. This interpretive plan lays out key themes and narratives that tell the compelling story of the streetcar and how it shaped Baltimore.

Featured Client: Southern Jewish Historical Society

For five years I have served as editor of The Rambler, the Society's newsletter. Each quarter I have produced eight lively pages of news and features about southern Jewish history.

Featured Client: Baltimore Museum of Industry

Courtesy of the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Courtesy of the Baltimore Museum of Industry

The museum's Maryland Milestone Wall features exhibits that highlight the breakthroughs of Maryland inventors and companies. In curating three of these exhibits, I have brought to life the arrival of gas lighting in America, the miracle of the linotype machine, and the far-reaching impact of the world’s first portable electric drill.  

Featured Client: Jewish Museum of Maryland

As the museum’s Research Historian for more than a decade, I co-curated its two core exhibitions, Voices of Lombard Street and The Synagogue Speaks (both still on display); co-edited its Generations magazine and exhibition catalogs; and ran its Family History Center. I continue to work with the museum as a consultant, co-editing its latest exhibition catalog and speaking at public programs.